On behalf of the Singapore Medical Association (SMA), I am pleased to announce the following recipients of the 2018 SMJ Best Research Paper Award:

First Prize
Patient satisfaction with the cervical ripening balloon as a method for induction of labour: a randomised controlled trial
Lim SE, Tan TL, Ng GYH, Tagore S, Kyaw EEP, Yeo GSH Singapore Med J 2018; 59(8): 419-424

Second Prize
Frequent hospital admissions in Singapore: clinical risk factors and impact of socioeconomic status
Low LL, Tay WY, Ng MJ, Tan SY, Liu N, Lee KH Singapore Med J 2018; 59(1): 39-43

Third Prizes
Prognostic factors for mortality due to pneumonia among adults from different age groups in Singapore and mortality predictions based on PSI and CURB-65
Zhang ZX, Yong Y, Tan WC, Shen L, Ng HS, Fong KY Singapore Med J 2018; 59(4): 190-198

Cost-effectiveness of two-dose human papillomavirus vaccination in Singapore
Tay SK, Lee BW, Sohn WY, Lee IH, Mathur G, Sanicas M, Van Kriekinge G Singapore Med J 2018; 59(7): 370-382

The award winners received a commemorative trophy and certificate, which were presented at the SMA Annual Dinner held at The Regent Singapore on May 4, 2019.

The following criteria were adopted by the judging panel in determining the winning articles:
(1) the paper with the most potential impact on clinical practice;
(2) the paper with the most rigorous study design/research methodologies;
(3) the paper with comprehensive data analysis and balanced discussion; and
(4) the quality of the data interpretation.

We thank our panel of judges for their diligent and conscientious efforts:
Initial evaluation:
January to June papers: Dr Chuah Khoon Leong, Dr How Choon How, Dr Katy Leung Ying Ying
July to December papers: Dr Darren Tay, Dr Dave Lee Yee Han, Dr Sitoh Yih Yian
Final judging:
Prof Tan Huay Cheem, Prof Teo Eng Kiong, Prof Wilfred CG Peh

A/Prof Kian-Keong Poh
Singapore Medical Journal