Peer-review is a widely accepted method for research validation and a cornerstone of the scientific publishing process, and reviewers play an essential part in this scholarly process. SMJ, like most medical journals, relies on effective double-blinded peer review processes to uphold not only the quality and validity of individual articles, but also the overall integrity of the journal.

How to become a Reviewer

Most reviewers are invited by the Editorial Board to review a paper because of their expertise in the field. However, if you are interested to become a reviewer for SMJ, please email your cover letter and full curriculum vitae to for the Editor’s consideration.

Reviewing a submission

You are notified by email when an Editor or the Editorial Office invites you to review a submission for the journal. You are given 7 days to respond to the invitation, after which the invitation will lapse.  

Once you have agreed to review, an email with further instructions will be sent to you. The email contains the weblink to the journal’s Editorial Manager System site and your confidential login details. Upon agreeing to review the paper, you are given 14 days to review. If you require more time to review the paper due to unforeseen circumstances, you may email the Editorial Office at to request for an extension of the deadline.

Reviewer recognition

The successful publication of a peer-reviewed journal requires substantial contribution of time and effort by numerous reviewers. Every year, SMJ acknowledges all reviewers who have reviewed at least one paper in the previous year, by publishing a list of their names in the January issue of the journal (i.e. reviewers who complete their reviews in 2017 are acknowledged in 2018).

Among the reviewers acknowledged each year, another group of outstanding reviewers is also selected based on the high-quality of their timely, detailed and scholarly reviews, to receive the SMJ Reviewer Recognition Award. Each award recipient receives a Certificate of Reviewing with Distinction and a letter of congratulations, and their names are published in the February issue of the journal. In addition, award recipients will enjoy waiver of the Article Processing Charge (APC; SGD100) for articles submitted during the year of their award (i.e. recipients of SMJ Reviewer Recognition Award 2016 will enjoy waiver of the APC from January to December 2017).  

Continuing Medical Education (CME) points

Local reviewers are eligible to claim Singapore Medical Council (SMC)’s continuing medical education (CME) points under Activity Category 2. SMC will review claims based on the paper specialty and the doctor’s specialty. Core points may be awarded if the paper specialty matches the doctor's specialty. To claim CME points, please refer to SMC's website at

Please email the SMJ Editorial Office at if you require an official acknowledgement letter to claim your CME points. 

Useful links

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·         Role of the manuscript reviewer by Professor Wilfred CG Peh.

·         ICMJE guide to peer reviewers.

·         SMC’s CME Category 2 claims for reviewers.