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SMJ aims to make its materials available in support of research and scholarship by members of the medical research community and others. In order to support research and scholarship, SMJ seeks to reduce or eliminate restrictions for research and educational uses, including the reproduction, publication and digital reproduction of materials found in our publication. However, users must respect copyrights that may affect the use of materials.

This above statement applies only if the use of materials is principally for research and scholarship.

Procedures for Requesting Reproductions
Users should email their request for permission to reproduce materials for research and scholarly purposes to the SMJ Editorial Office at

Please include the following information in your permission request:

Your name, address, and email address;

Concerning our publication:

  • Volume and issue number, author, year of publication;
  • details on the exact material you would like to use indicating pages and figure or table number;

Concerning your new publication:

  • purpose of using this 
  • name of the book or journal you are seeking permission 
  • print-run/ for journals, how many 
  • mode of publication: print, electronic, or 
  • name of your publisher if you are seeking permission for your 
  • name of the company or institute if you are seeking permission for distribution through a company.

SMJ asks all researchers who use our materials to cite accurately, and to acknowledge and give appropriate credit to the Journal for supporting their research.

Reproduction and publication of materials previously published in SMJ principally for commercial or other uses not permitted under the Policy on Publication and Digital Reproduction for Research & Scholarly Purposes is subject to a separate agreement between the user and SMJ Editorial Office. For further information, please contact