Establishment of a minimally invasive cardiac surgery programme in Singapore

Singapore Med J 2017; 58(10): 576-579; doi: 10.11622/smedj.2017022

On Page 577, an authors’ note (underlined) was omitted from the caption for Fig. 1. The caption should read: “Fig. 1 Photographs show novel procedures or technologies that were introduced or adopted by our team and offered on a regular basis: (a) heart tumour removal through minimally invasive cardiac surgery; (b) single-incision minimally invasive cardiac surgery (SIMICS) developed at the National University Heart Centre; (c) first one-stop hybrid coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) procedure in Southeast Asia; (d) first mini-aortic valve replacement (mini-thoracotomy) in Southeast Asia; (e) first McGinn full CABG in Asia; (f) mini-mitral valve surgery; (g) mini-tricuspid valve surgery without heart arrest; (h) first three-dimensional minimally invasive heart surgery in Asia, done via SIMICS; and (i) hybrid CABG procedure. Note: The first incidences were recorded based on the knowledge and information provided by vendors and colleagues as well as personal literature searches, and may thus be subject to revision. The authors thus cannot claim absolute verification.”